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Lovely tonight and speedy too

Jean, 01 Feb 2019

Let be ziggys food

Paul, 26 Jan 2019

Delivery driver had no change!! No good

Jean, 25 Jan 2019

Excellent non fat menu

Noname, 25 Jan 2019

Nice as always

Jean, 18 Jan 2019

Nice as always but was borderline COLD food tonight

Jean, 05 Jan 2019

18 mins early-best ever reaction from these guys! Beaut effort!

Rawson, 05 Jan 2019

Nice as always and fairly quick delivery tonight

Jean, 28 Dec 2018

Nice as always..slow updates from ordering to delivery

Jean, 08 Dec 2018

Nice as always

Jean, 01 Dec 2018

Quality food ever.

Stive, 21 Nov 2018

The Healthy Choices menu is a very positive aspect and is what made us order from here. The food tasted good too.

Andrew, 17 Nov 2018

Excellent food good service

Warren, 05 Nov 2018

Top notch as always

Jean, 27 Oct 2018

Very nice as always and very fast tonight too

Jean, 13 Oct 2018

slightly on the expensive side but nice food. have a few times received incomplete/incorrect orders on the sauces and sundries side which is a dissapointment but the food itself cant be faulted.

Stephanie, 12 Oct 2018

Love it x

Mandy, 22 Sep 2018

The third week on the bounce I have not received chick peas in the non fat rice even though it was specified in the comments prior to ordering..totally unacceptable and am sick and tired of ringing up to complain to be told the chef forgot to put them in..we are a regular customer and I just worry that Ziggy’s are becoming complacent to the fact

Jean, 15 Sep 2018

Hopefully the order will be correct this time, last time it was wrong and when I called the guy wouldn’t refund what was missing!

Alexis, 15 Sep 2018

On time! Great but forgot my chipatti!!

Emma, 08 Sep 2018

Ordered non fat rice off non fat menu which allegedly comes with chick peas..2 weeks on the bounce it has been without chick peas..upon call of complaint I was told I need to specify that I want chick peas even though it is advertised as coming with chick peas by default..Also the waiting for delivery time was poor this time as we waited 1 hour 20 mins which would be fine if we were notified of this length of time at the checkout

Jean, 07 Sep 2018

Disappointed that my order was slightly wrong I.e. no chick peas in the non fat rice, none of the requested sauces in the other meal ordered..although once rang up and made complaint we were delivered the missing items from the original order...

Jean, 24 Aug 2018

The point system is great to use against your bill

Jean, 18 Aug 2018

Very happy with the point system and using the points against the bill

Jean, 18 Aug 2018

Absolutely love your takeaways, never late, always warm and just gorgeous thank you

Shirley, 05 Aug 2018

Very nice as always

Jean, 14 Jul 2018